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Dragger Manufacturing for Tugs and Aircraft Towbars.

DRAGGER™ has been manufacturing quality aircraft tugs for nearly twenty years and continues to be dedicated to providing customers with the BEST PRODUCTS combined with the FINEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

History of the Tail-Dragger

The first prototype of the patented Tail-Dragger Dragger® aircraft tug was designed and built in the early 1990’s. It revolutionized the chore of ground handling for conventional geared airplanes. A few years later, our company introduced the Nose-Dragger DRAGGER®, again a very effective and easy to use aircraft tug. This time designed to move airplanes with nose wheels. The units have been highly successful, so successful in fact that the name, Dragger, has become synonymous when people refer to any small airplane towing device. The Draggers™ are very universal compared to other units in the marketplace. Special adaptors are NOT needed when moving from one make aircraft to another. The simplicity of these units allows low production costs which in turn keep them very competitive. The Dragger™ units have been reviewed several times by Aviation Consumer magazine and are constantly ranked as “best buy.”

Our Aircraft Tug Vision

To be the leading provider of premium quality and versatile powered aircraft tugs for single, multi and turbine class aircraft up to 5,000 pounds.

Our Airplane Dragger™ Mission

We value and recognize hard work, honesty, creativity, initiative and the team player. The entrepreneurial spirit will help us to continue to grow without limitations.

Our customer is anyone that has a need to move any aircraft that weighs less than 5,000 pounds.

Our passion is to create a LEGENDARY customer experience. ALWAYS!

We dominate our markets with SUPERIOR VALUE in products and services-consistently exceeding expectations.

Our total selling approach reflects our ultimate goal of keeping a “CUSTOMER FOR LIFE”


Our commitment is continued EXPANSION where values, profitability and long term goals are balanced. We are a responsible corporate citizen and good neighbor in the communities we SERVE.

We are proud of our unique culture which combines innovation, risk taking and a continuous improvement philosophy to achieve all of our goals. Our future depends on all of us working hard and smartly every day to make DRAGGER™ simply THE BEST!